Business Solutions

Formark helps you meet your business objectives and your users’ requirements for productivity tools that are naturally familiar, easy to use and help them get their work done. By making it easy for users to quickly access and complete their work, Formark provides a number of ways to solve your business problems.

Effective Meetings in the Public Sector

In many public sector jurisdictions, key decisions are made within a committee or council meeting. The agenda forms the backbone of the meeting. Gathering, approving, and scheduling agenda topics for committee or council meetings can be very time consuming for your staff.

Formark’s ContentLink Meeting and Agenda Management solution has been designed to facilitate the preparation of a meeting agenda, the execution of the meeting and an infrastructure for insightful historical analysis of meeting outcomes.

Trusted External Collaboration

Many business processes need to include people from partner or client organizations, but learning Content Server is an obstacle to their participation. Formark applications give trusted partners and suppliers an uncomplicated yet secure web interface that tailors Content Server information and functions to their role in the business process instantly engaging their collaboration with internal users.

Support Content Oriented Business Processes

Formark’s ContentLink solution supports content and data-centric business processes that require team collaboration, process guidance, document creation and data access and collection. This is done by presenting a user interface that presents only the critical information required to perform a task within a providing a rich collaborative environment and appropriate content when, and as required.

Benefits of Formark Solutions

  • Keep users focused on the work to be done. Role-based user interfaces and automation keep everyone focused on the task at hand, without being distracted by how it’s being done.
  • Minimize upgrade and support costs. Formark solutions require no modifications to Content Server – they rely only on the WebReport and ActiveView technologies. This isolates Formark applications from changes within Content Server and greatly reduces the cost of moving to new versions of Content Server.

More Information

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