Experts in WebReports and ActiveView

Open Text’s WebReports and ActiveView are powerful tools which can be leveraged in Content Server solution development.

Important features

  • Visualize and manage information with ready-made actionable dashboards, reports, and a charting wizard
  • Personalize Content Server for each user, role or device to accelerate adoption and productivity
  • Develop custom user interfaces to meet specific business solution objectives
  • Automate and control more of the business processes
  • Prototype and develop tools and apps quickly
  • Extend Content Server functionality such as workflows, forms, categories, and more
  • Provide tools to safely and easily update Content Server content and information

Major benefits of developing solutions for

  • Increase user adoption. Delight users with experiences that are easy, visual and tailored to their role.
  • Improve business velocity by bringing processes and forms together with structured and unstructured data
  • Accelerate development and upgrade through the standards-based development platform that isolates developers from OScript

Formark has made a significant investment in the WebReports and ActiveView technologies, and uses this technical approach in the development of all Content Server based  solutions.

Contact Formark to investigate if your Content Server deployment can be improved through the use of WebReports and ActiveView.