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Interactions that used to take weeks and days now happen in hours and minutes. – ONR Website Administrator

ContentLink Outside

Enhancing ad hoc interactions with clients, distributors, suppliers or partners with the free-flow of collaboration can prevent misunderstandings, reduce mistakes, improve productivity and save money.

Content Server has unmatched collaboration and knowledge management capabilities, but how do you transform a widely diverse set of people who may never have collaborated online before into instant Content Server aficionados? You don’t. Instead you give them ContentLink Outside – a Formark application that simplifies the powerful (but overwhelming for novices) Content Server interface into an uncomplicated web application tailored to show only the collaboration and tasks they need, in a presentation they immediately understand.

Benefits of Engaging External Users

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  • More effective collaboration. Collaboration only provides benefits if people will actively use it. Formark applications remove the usability barriers and let users focus on the content.
  • More efficient collaboration. Formark interfaces lead users directly to the work to be done, keep them focused on the task while they’re there, and hide all the mechanics of how it gets done.
  • Lower user support costs. Formark applications remove the usability obstacles that cause most end-user calls for support.
  • Lower application support costs. Formark technology uses standard industry and Open Text web tools, and isolates the application from upgrades to Content Server.

Processes that can benefit

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  • Engineering consortia
  • Managing client deployment projects
  • Monitoring suppliers
  • Issuing and processing RFPs
  • Supporting 3rd party distribution channels
  • Verifying regulatory compliance
  • Surveying association members
  • Moderating standards development & approval

Formark External Applications

Download a product overview of ContentLink Outside, an application that instantly engages users anywhere in the world to collaborate together on a project.

Case Studies

Learn how ONR Case Study uses Formark Outside to collaborate with external researchers.