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Ottawa, Ontario – February 13, 2008 – Formark® Ltd. will be presenting ‘Process-Driven Collaboration – SharePoint BPM’ at the Interdoc SharePoint Summit 2008 which is the largest event in North America that targets the technologies and business solutions around Microsoft SharePoint Server. The event will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on April 8-9, 2008.

Process Driven Collaboration is an innovative module for SharePoint 2007 that provides business process management (BPM) for teams.

Traditional business process management solutions are primarily designed for the manager. Individual tasks are released one at a time with no shared team context, content or process. In team-based business processes, this leads to members feeling cut-off from one another, making effective collaboration nearly impossible and leading to confusion, frustration, wasted effort and lost opportunities.

Process-Driven Collaboration is specifically designed for team-based business processes. It provides: visual process presentation for the entire team; one place for team members to go for all project content; and flexible, accountable, team collaboration. Process-Driven Collaboration combines the best of team collaboration and BPM features such as process modeling and process repository, workflow, process flexibility and continuous improvement. As a result team productivity increases, creativity and innovation is enhanced, decision making improves and process cost and time are cut. Process-Driven Collaboration can be integrated with other ECM platforms such as Livelink or Documentum, for enhanced records management. Process-Driven Collaboration is an ideal solution for team-based business processes such as new product development, RFP responses, quality management, general project management, preparation of tender documents, major procurement, grant management, loan reviews, and major sales proposals.

Please contact Josée Horth (Tel: 514-762-0505) at Interdoc for more information and for registration.

About Formark:

Formark® is the leading developer of team-oriented, collaborative business solutions that help companies increase creativity, improve results, and reduce costs and risks. Formark’s Process-Drive Collaboration for SharePoint 2007 guides users through business processes that require team collaboration and process compliance by consolidating MOSS functions into a stage/gate presentation. Process management is based on pre-packaged & client configured process templates.

In addition to utilizing the SharePoint document management functions, Formark’s Process-Drive Collaboration for SharePoint can be integrated with Open Text’s Livelink to utilize its enterprise and certified records management capabilities.

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